Mindfulness: Do You Understand the Difference Between Information and Knowledge?


We quit easily if the learning gets tough.

A 10 year old disciple was learning from a Zen Master. Meditation practice, innate lifestyle, everything was included in his course. The disciple thought that his learning is complete but he was away from the realisation of knowledge.

Others can only load you with information and you’re your thoughts. Forced things don’t help more than this. They can be recited but cannot be applied. Story of this disciple was like that. He was repeatedly thinking that 10-12 years are enough, now it is time to move on. He went to the master to seek permission. It was raining that day.

The disciple bowed and sat in front of the master. When he was about to say something, the master asked, “It is raining outside, where is your umbrella?” The disciple replied, “I have kept it outside.” Then the master asked, “And where are your slippers?” He replied, “They are also outside.” Then the master asked, “On which side of umbrella did you keep your slippers? Left or Right?”

The disciple didn’t remember where he kept his slippers. He realised his mistake and went back. He kept practicing for next 10 years under his master. Later he became a famous Zen master.

We are merely running in life. The thoughts of modern facilities are there but we don’t care for life. We may not reach to the level of meditation which is expected in the story, yet we can reach at the level where at least some component of life may exist. Life without humanity won’t yield anything. It’s high time we understand this.